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Little fingers, little toes....give them love and watch them grow!

Infants & Newborns


We recommend scheduling your newborn session when your baby is within a week to 10 days old.  Sessions can last from 1 1/2 - 2 hours, babies will need breaks for feeding, diaper changing and even time to settle in to slumber.



I'm a little bigger now!

Your little one will have milestones as they grow.  

At 3 months they smile more and are more alert.

Then at 6 months they are beginning to sit on their own and even crawl!

At 9 months, they are very personable as they are inching closer to that first birthday!


If you're not signed up for our first year baby plan, ask how to save on these special sessions. We offer multi-photo panels or first year albums (great for you or grandma to show off!).

One year and beyond...

Happy birthday One Year Old!! Celebrate this milestone with a cake smash session or just a beautiful milestone portrait.


From 18 months to 3 years old, your little one is learning their place in the world. Some call it the "terrible twos".  We plan a little extra time for these sessions in case of tantrums, potty breaks , rewards for good behavior and time out when they need a moment. 



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